Sunday, December 18, 2005

The American Falls

Here is a picture I took in Canada of the American Falls. For those who are unaware, Niagra Falls is made up of two seperate falls, the Canadian Falls, and the American Falls. This picture shows the American's attempts at viewing their own falls. To the lower right, one may see a boardwalk leading out to the falls. To the left, what appears to be a large bridge juts off from the cliff. However, what you see is all there is of the bridge. It stops there so that we, the American people may view our own falls. My favorite attempt, however, is the hot air balloon in the background. Now one might note that it is still impossible to see the American falls from that altitude. That is what makes the balloon funny, it isn't supposed to be used to see the American Falls, but rather, the Canadian Falls that are located to the right of the picture. So then, both of the falls that make up Niagra Falls come from America which means that niether can be successfully viewed from America. Let's just say that I was glad I had my passport with me. Canada is such a cool country, not that I got to see a lot of it. What I mostly got to see was Canada trying to sell me stuff, but I can't wait to return to Canada for a more extended visit so I can see the true essence of Canada. Posted by Picasa


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